Northwest Chapter Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Events
The Northwest Chapter's two main events are the annual Spring Rendezvous and the annual Fall Meet. These are occasions for wooden canoe owners and enthusiasts to gather at one location in the Pacific Northwest and experience a full weekend immersed (usually not literally!) in everything related to wooden canoes. While the size of the Spring Rendezvous has increased since beginning in 1995, the Fall Meet remains the largest and, for many, the most important function of the Chapter. For some pictures of past spring and fall meets see the Past Events page.  Also check out the current Newsletter (pdf format) detailing past events and canoe related articles.

Spring Meet: Camp Bishop, Shelton, WA May 11, 13, 14, 2017

Camp Bishop:  From Highway I-5 North or South, at Olympia, take Exit 104 onto Hwy 8 and 101 heading towards Shelton.  Take first exit in Shelton onto Hwy 3 (Bremerton) and follow 1-2 miles to first stop light.  Turn left onto Acadia Road.  Follow Acadia and turn left onto Lake Boulevard (which becomes Cloquallum Road) for about 9 miles.  Turn right onto West Lost Lake Road for about 1.5 miles to Camp Bishop at road end.

May 11 is a work day, if you would like to do some volunteer work for Camp Bishop.

Some of the projects we could use your club's help on are:

    Spreading fall-protection bark around the challenge course
    Splitting and stacking firewood
    Inspecting and inventorying PFDs and other waterfront equipment
    Disposing of retired mattresses
    Building and installing buddy boards at the beach
    Launching and preparing the ski boat

Soon it will be time for the Spring Meet at Camp Bishop (May 11 through 14).  We'd love to see you all there!  More information will be coming on that over the next while.

We have a lot of activities planned during the meet. Mike Wootton is organizing a very interesting event (thank you Mike!) which you can read about below.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Washington!  Happy canoeing!

Colleen Hovey

***Spring Meet Tools & Techniques Show 'n' Tell***
Let's have an informal get together to share your favorite tools, tips, and techniques!

We all have something to pass on.  Do you have a favorite hammer, tack-puller, spokeshave, paint-brush, restoration tip, varnish, etc, you think we would all like to see?  Trial and error is frustrating; it is so much easier to learn from others.

Bring something to share or demo with the group!  If you have something specific you'd like to see in action, or have an idea to share with the group, let me know, and I'll send out periodic requests and updates through Colleen.

I'll bring some paint, brushes, and rollers, for a quick-demo on rolling and tipping paint, and will bring some masking tape, etc. to demo how I've painted designs on my canoes.

Looking forward to seeing everybody again!


The dining hall kitchen is undergoing a remodel, which will be used until the new dining hall is built. So the present kitchen facilities are a little limited:  there is no walk in cooler, but several refrigerators; the old stove is there, a sink, and a food prep table; some pots and pans, not sure about microwave; no dishes or eating utensils, so bring your own. I will bring a 12-cup coffee maker.

The rest of the camp seems about the same. See you all there.

Fall Meet:  Manning Provincial Park, B.C. 
Sept 15 2017 through Sunday Sept 17, 2017.